Younger Patients

Kids and Parenting

Parenting issues are an area in which I have a lot of personal experience, as a mother and as a grandmother. Additionally, I spent years as a public school teacher, school counselor and behavioral specialist so I have significant experience to work with families and parents of my clients.

For over 20 years, I worked with Dr. Mark Rohde by co-facilitating weekly social skills group of elementary and middle school age kids. During all that time I also had my own private practice.

The combination of my own experiences as a parent, my school employment, and my private counseling practice treating individuals and groups, kids and parents, youth has equipped me with the tools to bring a range of therapeutic approaches for my patients and families.

Children (7-12)

I work with children experiencing the following issues with school adjustment, family conflicts, decision making, peer pressure, divorce, and friendships.

I have found parents involvement to be very helpful with their child’s therapy. I often tell them that they are my “eyes and ears”. Parent input helps me understand whether desired changes are effective.

Adolescent (13-19)

I help teens explore their feelings, beliefs and behaviors. I work with this age group on peer pressure, family discord, divorce, conflicts, communication, decision making, internet and electronics, and establishing healthy friendships.