Trans Support Group

Our group is comprised of transgender individuals whose ages range from thirteen through adulthood. Spouses, parents, allies and significant others are all invited to attend our monthly meeting.

Our group is in its nineteenth year and we are Arizona’s longest running transgender support group. Our goal is to provide information and relate personal experiences in an accepting, comfortable, non-threatening environment. Our meetings are face-to-face, and our format and focus have not changed since inception. Some of the topics typically discussed at our meetings could include:


    1. Coming out socially, professionally, and personally

    1. Hormones:


        • Personal experiences with hormones

        • Hormone administration

        • Hormone providers

    1. Discussion of surgeons who are available locally, nationally and in foreign countries and personal experiences relating to surgeries such as:


        • Male to female:


            • Breast augmentation

            • Tracheal shave

            • Vaginoplasty

            • Facial feminization

            • Hormones

        • Female to male:


            • Metoidioplasty

            • Phalloplasty

            • Chest surgery

            • Scrotoplasty

            • Hormones

    1. Social issues:


        • Dating

        • Friendships

        • Trans friendly churches, restaurants, hair stylists, med spas, manicurists, plus other referrals

Our group is always friendly but we see part of our mission to make sure each attendee receives answers to their questions and concerns. Our meetings have a social component and some attendees often visit a restaurant after the meeting for more social interaction.

Meeting on the first Wednesday of every month from 6:30-8:00 PM. The address is 1104 E Grovers Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85022.